Honoring the apprentices at WEISS

Five apprentices from the disciplines cutting machine operator (milling and grinding) and mechatronics were honored on Friday, April 5th.

The trainer Volker Sauerteig compared the training, in his greeting, with the "acquisition of a driving license". He explained that during the training the protégé was given the necessary knowledge and skills by the instructor, now it is important to put what he has learned into practice in such a way that quality, experience, strength and the necessary self-motivation come out. In his remarks, he thanked the trainers Jürgen Schneider and Michael Reif. He also thanked the training workshop of Valeo in Ebern and the teachers of the different vocational schools, because here the foundation for a successful education was laid.

Technical Managing Director and Speaker of the Management Claus-Peter Lehnert, looked in his speech on the future and the future demands in the professional life. He was pleased about the successfully completed training and pointed out that all have been taken over.

Works council Stephan Schmitt also congratulated on the successful completion of the training.
He and the JAV are always committed to the employees.

In his closing remarks Plant Manager Jürgen Schneyer thanked again trainers and training management and emphasized that he would continue to work for an estabilshed education in the future.