Spindle technology @ digitization

Visit / exchange of experience of WEISS in the "arena of digitization" at Siemens in Bad Neustadt.

The colleagues from Siemens and WEISS met on Friday, 01.02.2019 in the "arena of digitization" in Bad Neustadt and plunged into the world of "Industry 4.0".

Over 800 m2 of customers and partners will be able to see which products can be used along the entire value-added chain for metal processing by Siemens for digitization. Using the example of our own engine production at the location, it becomes understandable what added value can be achieved with it.

From product design to production planning, production engineering, production and services, digital solutions are available to support processes through end-to-end digital data flow and networking. The Teamcenter serves as an accessible database and Mindsphere as a cloud-based platform for life-cycle and data analytics. By digitizing this overall process or the use and processing of the data can be achieved significant overall optimization for a company. The idea of Industry 4.0 can be implemented with these solutions.

On the basis of these topics, it will be demonstrated how products and solutions from the Siemens portfolio can be implemented step by step in an already existing and ongoing production.

Weiss also offers a digital solution in the context of Industry 4.0, which is part of the engine production and thus the "arena of digitization": Various Siemens / WEISS spindles in EMCO and Chiron machines have an SMI24. The SMI24 can deliver data to Mindsphere, making it part of the Industry of Things (IoT).

Arena of digitalization meets spindle ...