Training level 2

Contents and schedule

Brief summary of the Basic training step

Maintenance of spindle units:

  • Explanations of wearing components and wearing limits of spindle units
  • Demonstration of the tools and measuring instruments required for spindle maintenance
  • Checking the mechanical and electrical attributes of spindle units (initial inspection)
  • Disassembly of wearing parts
  • Checking and replacement of rotary transmission feed-throughs
  • Replacement and adjustment of clamping system components
  • Replacement and adjustment of the release unit

Minor repairs to spindle units:

  • Troubleshooting on spindle units, typical faults
  • Demonstration of the required tools, equipment and measuring instruments for the completion of minor repairs
  • Replacement and adjustment of clamping status sensors
  • Replacement and adjustment of the speed sensor

Checking of the work completed on the spindle unit:

  • Final test according to the final acceptance report
  • Test run with dynamic balancing of spindle units
  • Tips on checking the ball bearing status
  • Completion of spare parts orders
  • Methods for status-oriented and/or preventive servicing


5 working days

Training participants:

Employees with experience in the area of servicing and who have completed the Basic training course


Available on inquiry