Clamping systems

A clamping system of a motor spindle as a milling spindle consists of an integrated tensioner operated by a release unit. The clamping of a tool can be manually or automatically, the release via a hydraulic, pneumatic or electric release unit. The clamping system of a lathe spindle consists, for example, of a chuck, which is operated manually or automatically by a hydraulically operated clamping cylinder. In the area of lathe spindles, grinding spindles and drilling spindles, Weiss Spindeltechnologie GmbH is a global technology leader. In the factor yin Maroldsweisach, a spindle can also be subjected to an optimization. In addition to the main spindle, Weiss also offers special drives and special motors. In the area of individual spindles, the company is highly flexible and produces according to customer requirements. Light construction spindles as well as smart spindles are further areas, in which Weiss has an excellent international reputation.