Grinding spindles

Grinding spindles are made by Weiss Spindeltechnologie. The company – as a subsidiary of SIEMENS – is an internationally renowned manufacturer of spindle units. An emphasis is placed here on a very high rigidity of the spindle for highest precision during the grinding process. The grinding wheels for internal circular grinding, external circular grinding or plunge grinding are accommodated by the spindle via various interfaces. HSK grinding tools and other manually and individually attached grinding wheels are used here. A dressing spindle is used for sharpening or correcting the profile of the grinding wheels by means of diamond dressing rollers. Dressing spindles are built by Weiss Spindeltechnologie in different sizes with different capacities. Weiss builds, maintains, and repairs tool machine spindles, motor spindles, belt driven spindles, drilling spindles as well as, for example, milling spindles. Dressing spindles and hydrostatic spindles, hollow spindles and B-axis spindles are additional products of Weiss Spindeltechnologie. Motors, special motors and special drives complement the Weiss portfolio. Weiss also produces the release units for many spindles themselves. Spindle repair, also as emergency repair, is also provided by Weiss Spindeltechnologie GmbH.