Release units

The release unit of a tool machine spindle serves to operate the clamping system. The tool can be released hydraulically, pneumatically or electrically. Spindles, such as grinding spindles or B-axis spindles, are constructed and built by Weiss Spindeltechnologie GmbH. The innovative company also builds smart spindles as well as light construction spindles and equips these with the associated sensor system. Precision and running precision are mainly ensured by the spindle bearing. Belt driven spindles, i. e. separately driven spindles, as well as motor spindles are products by Weiss Spindeltechnologie GmbH which have been successfully manufactured for decades. If required, Weiss equips the spindle with a tool cooling at the tool interface. The Maroldsweisach site or one of the global service bases are also home to the spindle repair, where – depending on the service agreement – emergency repair of spindles is also offered.