SWSS – Siemens WEISS Spindle Service

The SWSS – Siemens WEISS Spindle Service gives the customers of Weiss Spindeltechnologie GmbH confidence. On-site spindle service, spindle repair – for example, following a spindle crash – or customer support via phone are business areas of Weiss. Depending on the service agreement, customers are able to recommission spindles from the service pool within 24 hours. The organization of the Weiss GmbH spare parts supply is just as exemplary as the overall spindle service. WEISS Spindeltechnologie GmbH exclusively manufactures in Germany. Other products, in addition to motor spindles and separately driven spindles – as standard spindles or individual spindles – are motors, special motors and special drives. Also in the area of propeller shaft couplings and coupling flanges, Weiss is a reliable supplier and partner of the industry. Additional products by Weiss are the SWK – rigid shaft coupling and the flywheel flange.