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SWSS - Siemens Weiss Spindle Service

The WEISS spindle service means quality workmanship from experienced hands. With more than 3,000
repairs to both WEISS spindles and spindles from other manufacturers each year, over 500
mechanical engineering firms and end-users now place their trust in the experience and efficiency of our employees.

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Service hotline: +49 9532 9229-347 or service@weissgmbh.de

Tested spindle repair for a condition like new.

Through tried and tested processes, we enable fast and cost-optimized spindle repair of our own products as well as spindle units from other manufacturers.

If we have repaired and overhauled motor spindles or externally driven spindles in our house, they will then be in a technically new condition. When repairing spindle units, we always look for the most economical solution for the customer. Apart from that, we can offer different services to avoid machine downtimes:

  • Spindel Service
  • Maintenance of spindle units
  • Spare parts supply
  • Training

Four good reasons for spindle repairs from Weiss

The repair spindle is a spindle unit during or after the repair. After the repair, the repair spindle unit should technically have the same performance in terms of running accuracy, storage temperature and bearing stiffness as a new spindle unit. We have a tailor-made spindle repair service portfolio to achieve this performance. Technical and optical repairs of spindle units are also possible.

  • High economic efficiency: We are always looking for the most economical solution for the customer.
  • Little loss of time: The spindle repair can be done in five days if spare parts are in stock.
  • High quality: The spindle is technically as good as new after repairs and overhauls.
  • Great experience: over 3,000 spindle repairs every year.

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Anthony Russell

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