The sealing system of a spindle is based on a labyrinth system, which is supported by applying compressed air (sealing air). Like this, the entry of particles from workpiece machining and the environment is prevented. Furthermore, the entry of cooling lubricants (KSS) from the machining process is prevented. Weiss Spindeltechnologie GmbH is a leading manufacturer in the area of individual spindles as well as in the area of standard spindles. Milling spindles, drilling spindles, grinding spindles are only examples from the portfolio. Weiss also manufactures light construction spindles. All components, such as, for example, the release unit, the sensor system as well as the internal tool cooling are integrated in the spindle at the customer’s request. Also in the area of motors, special motors and special drives, Weiss GmbH is a renowned supplier. A reliable spare parts supply makes the company an attractive partner of the machining industry.