Light construction

A tool machine spindle can also be manufactured in a light construction version. Here, components made of aluminum or GFRP are used instead of steel and cast iron components. As a technology leader in this area, Weiss Spindeltechnologie is a popular supplier. The company also produces smart spindles with SMI24 (sensor module integrated) at the German headquarters in Maroldsweisach. The classic milling spindles or drilling spindles are also manufactured here, as well as the lathe spindles or grinding spindles. Weiss spindles, for example, as milling spindles, are designed and produces as standard spindles or individual spindles. Weiss also builds special motors, propeller shaft couplings and special drives in highest precision and completely individual. The spindle repair, for example, following a spindle crash, the Weiss on-site spindle service as well as a well organized international spare parts supply complement an attractive customer service.