Repair and maintenance of spindle units

The repair and maintenance of spindle units as well as the spindle service and spindle repair are the major business areas of the SWSS – Siemens WEISS Spindle Service. Weiss Spindeltechnologie GmbH is a leading manufacturer of motor spindles. Weiss manufactures motor spindles with a high running precision as individual spindles or standard spindles. The spare parts supply from our own large warehouse is ensured anywhere in the world. In the event of a spindle crash, an emergency repair can be requested. Weiss is a renowned manufacturer of spindle units as lathe spindles, milling spindles, grinding spindles and, for example, drilling spindles. Technical support is ensured via phone. The purpose of customer training is to provide information, for example, in order to avoid damage. A global SWSS (Siemens WEISS spindle Service) network is available for the customers. This ensures that downtimes are kept to a minimum.